Let's Collaborate

Looking for help? I’m here for you. Let's work on something awesome together. I'd love to hear what you're tinkering with.


I can 'smoke jump' into a project - putting out fires, building new designs, iterating on prototypes, guerilla research, stakeholder interviews, testing scripts, and getting things done ASAP.


Thinking of a new project? I can help get you up and running with everything from customer research, competitive analysis, content modeling, information architecture and more.


Need to test, refine, and iterate on something you've done and want to make better? I can help plan the scripts, talk to customers, decode the feedback into actionable tasks, and more.

Workshops and Training

Want to beef up your internal team skills? I can help come in, give a team hands-on exercises as well as practical advice and guidance on a number of topics.

Give me a shout or...

Boon Sheridan

Boon is a designer, thinker and shenaniganist helping solve problems and have fun while doing it. He’s a lover of new cocktails and old records and he’d love to swap stories over a beverage.