My Work

Over the years I've had titles like Site Producer, Interactive Project Manager, Information Architect, Interaction Designer, User Researcher, Content Strategist, and Product Designer. It's been a lot of fun. It's glib to say "design is design," but in many ways the tools and techniques from one discipline serve the others too well to get myopic about it.

A small sample of the things I love to do...

Customer Journeys

Customer journeys rock. I love using them early in a project as a way to uncover questions, hidden requirements and details, and spark conversations. These simple but evocative stories about how people connect and communicate with the company bring everyone into the design process in ways other approaches can’t.

Content Strategy

Great design is more than pixels; it’s the right content at the right time. Even more, it’s building a model for success and growth. I can help map out the problems, identify where content can be a solution, and (sometimes more importantly) where it can't.

Information Architecture

Design is hard enough when information is scattered around. I love rooting out the commonalities in information, finding the threads and bringing them together.

Prefer to flip through a brief portfolio?

Boon Sheridan

Boon is a designer, thinker and shenaniganist helping solve problems and have fun while doing it. He’s a lover of new cocktails and old records and he’d love to swap stories over a beverage.