About Me

I love solving problems and sharing stories. I bring over 15 years of design and strategy experience to life in words, pictures, personas, maps, flows, workshops, and the occasional voice-over. Over the years I've taken problems apart, found common goals, mapped where disconnects occur, and made them better. I add a pinch of audience needs and content models into persona dimensions, sprinkle site goals and structure into editorial plans and sleep much better at night.

I've crafted content strategies for financial services, developed design cookbooks for insurance companies, designed applications for hotel giants, created customer journeys for entertainment powerhouses, and helped startups clarify their vision and ideas.

I'm a Rosenfeld Media Expert, a big fan of cocktails, pinball, and the occasional afternoon lost in a record store.

Boon Sheridan

Boon is a designer, thinker and shenaniganist helping solve problems and have fun while doing it. He’s a lover of new cocktails and old records and he’d love to swap stories over a beverage.